101 SEO Search Engine Optimization 5 Top Tips

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Have you been asking “Why is my site not appearing on the first page of the google search results?” There was a time that darker forces ruled over SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The king of the liars ruled. They built facades of search results, faked their way to the top of the clown heap and charged the temporarily gulled highly for their hat trickery. Now Google can identify the real from the fakir. So be real! It pays off in the end.

Here are some of my John Munnelly’s organic search (SEO) Tips.

I summarize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) down to some activities and phrases that are and need to be true to achieve your best SEO results.

  • Content: Content Is KING – I am relevant answer to the question.
  • Relevancy: My answer to your question is the best, so it’s the top result.
  • Integrity: I am what I say I am.
  • Authority: I can prove it by what others say and in demonstrable ways.

TIP #1: Content is King – establish relevancy.

Answer the question! Right – that is it exactly. What question is your page full of text and words trying to answer? Make sure it is relevant to some aim or aims on the page.
Focus: Be useful, helpful and RELEVANT.

TIP #2: I am who I say I am & I do what I say I do (and I can prove it)

The ongoing and continuing changes to Googles enigmatic arithmetic (it’s secret sauce of search)  has beckoned in practical, pragmatic SEO to improve your websites find-ability in search results. These improvements can be made in straight forward, reproducible and understandable ways establishing trust and authority in who you & your site says you are.

TIP #3: Authority – high quality back links

“I am an authority and am known to be one”  Visitors and Google will believe a review, or what someone else says about you sooner than your own words. Like we say in our culture “paper does not refuse ink” People make all sorts of claims online (and out of line!) that they cannot substantiate. So please get some authority and prove it by using some high quality back links to your site.

TIP #4: Reviews, References & Recommendations

Substantiate your site claims and get others to do the same. Do you write? well then publish something.

TIP #5: Structure of meaning and HTML
Make sure the text on the page makes sense and is arrayed correctly with Heading, H1, Title, URL & Copy in unison with a proportional ‘keyword’ use and sense.

Googles Most Important Points of Organic Search & SEO

What does this mean? It means that you can demonstrate that you and your businesses have integrity in some way. That you are who you say you are and you perform the things you claim you can do on your site in reality.

Do you have a physical location? …  are you giving visitors a sense of impermanence by having no real address therefore QED ‘a fly by night’ Who are you personally/company and what do you actually do? Who says good things about you? Is your copy well written and structured semantically and technically per guidelines and good practice.

Advanced Techniques of SEO: Webmaster Tools
Of course there is a whole ‘good practice’ for the technical side of things that need to be included in a website build and various advanced tools and techniques that can be brought to bear; such as the regular submission of site, correctly configured robots text file for crawl and description well structured and present site maps, XML submission to invite search, render & index and good use of the tools that google console supplies. Plus good meta text, keywords and descriptions for google to use for snippets. And also and not just being mobile accessible is an important upgrade in recent google algorithms.

Google is 4 Real
Google wants the results to be real and not faked up, hence my golden rules of having great relevant content (KING) Relevancy and INTEGRITY – that is being true to what you are & say you do and being able to demonstrate it. This demonstration is truth and is THE result Google seeks to put your website on the toppermost over and above the pile of the other ‘not-so-relevant’ search results.

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